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GTAP Data Bases: What Checks do we make to your I-O table?

The following checks are made and a report is produced. The data is checked to ensure that:

  1. It is in the correct format and has the correct structure.

  2. The table balances - i.e. total sales equal total costs (get the balance check utility).

  3. There are no sign errors (get the sign check utility).

    -   All pre-tax commodity usage values (except changes in stocks) are non-negative,
    -   Where pre-tax commodity usage values are strictly positive, post-tax values are also strictly positive, and
    -   All factor usage values are non-negative.

  4. There are no ridiculous tax rates (get the ridiculous tax check utility). We highlight tax rates that exceed 200%. We examine these because often high tax rates reflect problems in balancing procedures (although sometimes they do simply reflect high tax rates in the country).

  5. There are no inconsistencies in the data. We use a technique which compares your I-O table with a representative I-O table. More details on this can be found Walmsley and McDougall, 2004.

  6. The Government services sector is compatible (i.e. that the government purchases primarily from the government services sector);

  7. The mapping between your original commodities and the GTAP commodities is correct; and

  8. There is a dwellings sector.

Note that we reserve the right to accept or reject any table at our discretion whether or not it meets the formal requirements described above. In exercising our discretion, we take into account factors including: