I-O Table Submission
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GTAP Data Bases: Points to Note on Procedure

  1. It is better to submit a table early and then refine and revise it, rather than to hold back on submission waiting for the best possible table.

  2. In preparing an I-O table, it is usually best to make structural adjustments before re-mapping the sectors.

  3. To ensure reproducibility, the work is best done in a programming facility such as GEMPACK or GAMS, rather than in a spreadsheet. However you should use a program with which you are comfortable.
    An exercise book containing easy to use Gempack programs which assist contributors with the manipulation of simple IO/SAM data into the GTAP format is available. We strongly encourage contributors to go through these exercises.

    PDF File Exercises in Contributing I-O Tables to the GTAP Data Base
          by Horridge, Mark, Robert McDougall, Badri Narayanan and Terrie Walmsley

  4. Once you have the mapping between your table and the GTAP commodities you should send it to Angel Aguiar so that it can be checked - this will reduce the time you may spend later fixing small errors in your mapping.