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GTAP Data Bases: Compulsory Splits

The mandatory splits require the separation of agriculture and food processing, and energy, from other sectors. These splits support our disaggregation procedure, allowing us to use special data sources for disaggregating agriculture and food processing and for disaggregating energy. At present we use a special data source for the agricultural disaggregation; in the future, we may wish to do likewise for energy. The table below lists the mandatory splits and defines them in terms of GTAP sectors.

The 3 Compulsory Splits
Number Code Description
1 afp Agriculture and food processing
2 eng Energy
3 oth Goods and services nec

Mapping Between GTAP Sectors and the 3 Compulsory Splits
Code Number Code Description
afp 1 pdr Paddy rice
2 wht Wheat
  3 gro Cereal grains nec
4 v_f Vegetables, fruits, nuts
5 osd Oilseeds
6 c_b Sugar cane, sugar beet
7 pfb Plant-based fibers
8 ocr Crops nec
9 ctl Bovine cattle, sheep and goats, horses
10 oap Animal products nec
11 rmk Raw milk
12 wol Wool, silk-worm cocoons
19 cmt Bovine meat products
20 omt Meat products nec
21 vol Vegetable oils and fats
22 mil Dairy products
23 pcr Processed rice
24 sgr Sugar
25 ofd Food products nec
26 b_t Beverages and tobacco products
eng 15 coa Coal
16 oil Oil
17 gas Gas
32 p_c Petroleum, coal products
46 ely Electricity
47 gdt Gas manufacture, distribution
oth 13 frs Forestry
14 fsh Fishing
  18 oxt Other Extraction (formerly omn Minerals nec)
27 tex Textiles
28 wap Wearing apparel
29 lea Leather products
30 lum Wood products
31 ppp Paper products, publishing
33 chm Chemical products
34 bph Basic pharmaceutical products
35 rpp Rubber and plastic products
36 nmm Mineral products nec
37 i_s Ferrous metals
38 nfm Metals nec
39 fmp Metal products
40 ele Computer, electronic and optical products
41 eeq Electrical equipment
42 ome Machinery and equipment nec
43 mvh Motor vehicles and parts
44 otn Transport equipment nec
45 omf Manufactures nec
48 wtr Water
49 cns Construction
50 trd Trade
51 afs Accommodation, Food and service activities
52 otp Transport nec
53 wtp Water transport
54 atp Air transport
55 whs Warehousing and support activities
56 cmn Communication
57 ofi Financial services nec
58 ins Insurance (formerly isr)
59 rsa Real estate activities
60 obs Business services nec
61 ros Recreational and other services
62 osg Public Administration and defense
63 edu Education
64 hht Human health and social work activities
65 dwe Dwellings