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Zeynep Akgul

Created: 12/3/2010
Updated: 11/15/2021
Visits: 2,711
Dr. Zeynep Akgul
GTAP-U Coordinator

Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University
Isci Bloklari Mah. 1545/2 Sk. No: 30/10
Ankara, Cankaya

Curriculum Vitae - Zeynep Akgul

Zeynep holds a Ph.D. (2015) degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University. Her BS (2007) and MS (2009) degrees are in Economics from the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey.

Zeynep's primary research interests include computable general equilibrium modeling for international trade policy analysis with an emphasis on firm heterogeneity implementations with the GTAP model. She has developed the firm heterogeneity module GTAP-HET, which incorporates consumer love-of-variety, endogenous productivity changes, as well as endogenous firm entry/exit into domestic and export markets. The GTAP-HET model has been used in project applications in 2014 and 2015 GTAP Annual Short Courses as well as AGEC 618, a Ph.D. level course offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue.

Zeynep is currently working on the empirical aspects of firm heterogeneity models where she focuses on estimation/calibration of key parameters, such as the elasticity of substitution.

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