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Andrzej Tabeau

Created: 5/7/2001
Updated: 3/21/2019
Visits: 6,319
Mr. Andrzej Tabeau

WEcR Wageningen UR
Prinses Beatrixlaan 582 - 528
Den Haag 2595 BM Den Haag
The Netherlands
31-70-3358330 (ph)

Dr Andrzej Tabeau is a senior researcher at the International Trade and Development Section, and also associate professor at the Warsaw School of Economics, the Institute of Econometrics.
He currently works on three projects concerning building and applying micro- and macro-economic models to answer policy questions related to environmental, international trade and food security issues. Previously, he worked on The Future of European Agriculture project, where he developed a CGE agricultural model for European Union.
Andrzej Tabeau has extensive experience in economic research. His specialisation is in the field of econometrics and macro- and micro-economic as well as computable general equilibrium modelling. His theoretical research focused on Markov Chains and estimation issues of econometric models, which were the subject of his PhD dissertation and habilitation. Over the past 20 years he has been involved in economic modelling projects in Poland and in the Netherlands. He was the head the Department of Economics Models, the Informatics Centre of the Central Planning Bureau of Poland and advisor to the President of the Agriculture Market Agency of Poland. The major projects he completed in the past where for the Polish government, CPB - Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis and the European Commission Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs.

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